NEW Backgrounds: newsroom, yacht & garage

So, over the past days we have been busy updating the members area (still working on that), responding to support tickets…and so on 🙂

…but that’s not all…I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just added new virtual studios:

  • we had request to add an yacht…so we added an yacht 🙂
  • someone else wanted a garage…we made a garage for him
  • most requests was for newsroom…well we also added newsroom


Next week will also work to add more angles for these.

Some of them was added on V1, others on V2 … if you have V1 and want to purchase V2 you can do this anytime by clicking HERE – and use GLS40off coupon code for a big discount.

Next week we are planning to finish all updates on members area and maybe other backgrounds…and for that we need your help:

please tell us what background/studio want to add?
We will select few request and add them inside of Green Screen Lab.

Talk Soon,
Ionut & Ciprian

3 thoughts on “NEW Backgrounds: newsroom, yacht & garage” 3 thoughts on “NEW Backgrounds: newsroom, yacht & garage”

  1. Wow!
    These are nice!
    I would like to suggest the following if you may :
    1. Ski resort or some ski lifts or skiing background scenes
    2. Cycling background scenes – casual riding and competitive events
    3. other outdoor sports scenes for Kayaking, jet skiing, whitewater rafting, hiking, etc

    Many thanks!
    Philip Tan

    1. I am not sure if I can make this type of studios, but I can do for you a sport studio and you to add any videos you want as a background.

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